Thursday, August 23, 2007

Turtle Rescue and Salsa Continued

I was hoping to put up some pictures of the Hawksbill turtle that we saved, but I didn't get the pictures yet. Here is a picture of our rescued turtle's cousin.

Well, Steph got off work early and I took a break from the work on the house. I left Ethan and Gayle and went for a little drive to Cottages and wound up chatting with Nancy (our boss at Blue Moon) and Lindy (manager at Cottages). Then a guest at from cottages told us their was a huge turtle trapped on a porch. So, we went over and tried to make her more comfortable (water was refreshing for her, but the towel made her scared). Everyone was calling everyone. The turtle rescue agency Wimarcs came by and the local vet and Fish and Wildlife even showed up.

The turtle was looking for a place to lay her eggs and got stuck. Her wound wasn't bad and we got to watch her be carried back to the ocean and swim away. It was a very happy moment.

Ill post some pics when I have them.

Then, I thought you would all be encouraged to know that Ethan and I are still attending salsa classes. Its soooo much fun. I highly recommend everyone take a class if there is one in their area, especially if you are coming to our wedding. The more people that know it, the more fun the 'casino' round is. Cuban salsa is done in a round, where the leader calls out and everyone follows, switches partners, and such. Ok, we haven't quite gotten to that level yet, but I am hopeful.


Anonymous said...

Ethan, I'll have to see them salsa moves next time I come home... do ya make John travolta look like a balarina??? :)~

Anonymous said...

travolta comment was me lowell forgot to leave my name i am kind of new to this