Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Girl Empowered with a Pressure Washer

So, I had some time to think alone on Sunday of Labor Day weekend as I pressure washed the prosperity house and cistern outside. Ya know, moving up from rock mover on Saturday, this was a big promotion in the house building thing for me. But seriously, I think that all women should get involved with manual labor and doing renovations on their houses. Who needs a gym when you can get buff and increase the value of your home at the same time? This is actually fun and rewarding at the same time. I gain a nice healthy glow of a tan, build new muscles (believe me those I feel working), and get to spend the weekend with the man I love. We take breaks together and enjoy the slow appreciation of this house project. Gayle comes and joins us, sometimes brings us lunch (which we are always grateful for), and we all sit around for a bit and ponder plans and ideas. Then back to work. The other big improvement on the house this weekend is our shanty-style tarp roofed shelter. During the heat of the day, there is no shade and at my insistance, Ethan put up this great tarp roof for us to sit under. It was most useful on Monday when we had a few people over for hotdogs and hamburgers. Then back to work on Monday.

I've been asked a lot to write more about the house project and I know there at least a few people out there like to hear about the details as we move forward. I can only write about the parts I understand it, but if you have technical questions, you'll have to email Ethan. I know next is the forms for the wall so he can pour the cement and then roof. Oh, I just can't wait until we have a roof!

I thought I would also mention that the sugar apple tree produced a sweet and lovely sugar apple for us to munch on this weekend. Anyone know anything about this fruit or where it comes from originally? I don't think we had them in Samoa.

On that note, have a lovely day and don't forget to comment. Thanks Lowell for your commenting on the blog and letting us know you are reading.

Cheers, Peace Out.


Anonymous said...

Hello Sara and Ethan. My name is Louis and I have vacationed in St. Thomas and spent some time in St. Croix as well. I am thinking about moving down there, so I was browsing the internet for anything I could find on St. Croix and came across your blog. Sounds like you have your hands full with the house repairs, but I admire your spirit. I will be checking in often to see how you are doing. If I do get down there and you need a hand I would be happy to help. Keep up the good work on the blog. I will talk to you soon.

Louis Alderman

Anonymous said...

The Sugar Apple is called a Sasalapa in Samoan, and is commonly grown there. Here's a funny fact - You know how sometimes babies have an odd shaped head, just like this fruit? Well Samoans call those babies Ulu Sasalapa, or Sugar Apple Head. Funny aye? Here in Australia (I live in Sydney) this fruit is called a Custard Apple.