Sunday, September 2, 2007

Labor Day Weekend in St. Croix

Today in Sunday, September 2nd. Yesterday, Ethan and I worked on the house all day. I am trying to understand his work more, but really I should get him to post about the specifics of what he is doing. From what I understand, he took out a chunk of the wall so that he can reinforce it with rebar and pour it with concrete tying in the brackets for the roof. But, me, I'm just a rock moving machine. Yup, I moved rocks all day. Well, I got a tan too. The bonus of helping on the house is the weight loss regime of working in the hot sun and sweating pounds off and the tanning plan too. I get to be outdoors, since I now work an indoor job.

Im going to post some new pics tonight of progress on the house. But, besides that, there isn't a lot new. This time of year is when everyone from St. Croix goes away on holiday. We stopped at Rainbow yesterday and oddly enough there was noone on the beach. We may have a BBQ for the us stragglers left on the island on Monday on the if you're reading this, come on over!

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