Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Weekend Activities

For my birthday, we poured cement. And as it sounds, it was hard work. I think a mixer should be on our list of things to buy. We mixed the old fashion way with hand and shovel: part sand, part gravel, part concrete until we got it to a cookie dough batter consistency. And all this was done in the mid-day hot sun. But, our outdoor shower needed a floor. Ethan told Steph that I was in charge of decorating the cement, so her birthday gift to me was some of her amazing chaney collection to press into the cement. It was a wonderful gift to pour cement with Ethan, then have Krissy, Steph, Scott, and Glorymar come over to help press the chaney into the quickly drying cement.

Chaney (or cheney) was the china carried as weight and dropped by ships in the 1800s into the harbors of the Caribbean sea. If you dive or snorkel or dig in coastal areas here, there will always be chards of antique china, which we call chaney. There are jewelers here that specialize in making chaney into beautiful wearable art. But, ours became the floor of the outdoor shower. Steph has been collecting it for a while and I am honored that she shared it with us. (I must say I am shocked to not see more about chaney on the internet...I googled it and came up with very little)

Then after the chaney project, Ethan cleaned up the lot and let me go with the girls to the beach. He met us in a little bit but I got to do some swimming and our favorite form of laying out in the sun (see picture), then the band was pretty good, we continued to dip back in the ocean, had lunch, drank some cocktails, and helped Krissy sell some of her jewelery. And Ethan bought me a fabulous piece from her. I am sad she is leaving the island, but I know she'll be back and I am glad to have her as a friend.

This is the only picture I got of Glorymar. Steph what are you doing to her?

I am not a big birthday person, but this one was good. Thanks for letting me share the pictures of it! I have included two recent sunsets. The pinker one was last week Sunday's sunset and the more orange one was my birthday sunset. Almost every sunset is fantastic and worthy of a few ooohs and aaaahs and honestly, I don't think I'll ever get enough. I mean, can one ever get bored with such a view?

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