Saturday, October 27, 2007

Life Update....

I’ve been neglecting my post as St. Croix ambassador of fun-filled story and adventure teller. There haven’t been enough hours in the day to accomplish all of the things Ethan and I have been up to so therefore, we moved forward with doing more things and spending less time writing about them. But, I won’t be sorry…I am only glad I have time to tell you now. We are sitting together in the St. Croix airport waiting to start our long day of travel to Detroit Michigan. I have no warm clothes or close toed shoes for this trip and hope that our shopping trip to Macys tomorrow will be fruitful or I’ll be cold. The last time I wore warm clothes was when I put on everything I had in my backpack all at the same time and considered myself dressed for the European Autumn. I am excited to meet Ethan’s friends and this should be a great weekend of wedding bliss.

What have we been up to?
Weddings (as guests).
Wedding Planning (for ourselves).
And some socializing too.

House Update:
Ethan was hoping to pour the wall this weekend but we were rushed and exhausted, so we decided it was better to enjoy the weekend a bit and then pour when get back from Detroit. Ethan therefore had more time to make sure everything was set including the electric.

Moving Update:
We are getting our own apartment in Frederiksted, downtown and very excited. Our first home was lovely, actually fabulous, but we knew it was temporary. So, moving forward our apartment will be a much smaller and a bit more of an urban setting than the previous place. My friend, Steph lives upstairs from the apartment and we have already committed to having craft time together. Both of us enjoy making things, sewing, knitting, painting, etc. Ethan has already talked about making a metal screen door for the back door of the apartment to make sure we get a nice breeze through the place which of course will allow me to throw a few small dinner parties.

Work Update:
Ethan splits his time between working at Walsh Metal (which he enjoys very much) and running around trying to get this roof on before Christmas. Without the extra responsibilities we have had at the South shore house, I am sure he will have even more time to dedicate to getting the roof on. Of course, there are no guarantees with island time and you never know what pitfalls you may encounter along the way causing the task at hand to take twice as long to complete.

I too have been working a lot. In addition to settling into my job and finding new clients at BiZVI, I also still work at Blue Moon one night a week. Ethan works with me once a month on Sunset Jazz Friday. We really enjoy working together and of course the social aspect of Blue Moon, seeing his Walsh clients and my Blue Moon clients at the bar and in the restaurant.

Social Update:
I got invited and truly enjoyed the West End Ladies potluck party. It was great fun and lots of fabulous food. The men showed up at the end to pick us up and pour us into cars to go home. I did feel a little guilty that Ethan was working on the house all day (at the bottom of the hill) while I partied at the top of hill lounging in the pool with the ladies. You can see pictures of this party on .

We also had a little road trip last weekend to Norma’s and I finally got to see the beer drinking pigs! They only drink non-alcoholic beer now and I can only say it is a unique thing to see. Personally it was the jumping in the back of the pickup truck and heading up into the rainforest to the Domino Club that makes it an adventure. On the way back, we stopped at ‘the tree’ that we always say is the most amazing big horizontal living tree and we took pictures. We were like tourists but we one of us knew someone in each car that drove by us.

We are also finding our place in the St. Croix community and finding that our experiences in the Peace Corps make us want to have positive impacts within the community we live. Slowly, we are learning the non-profits that we feel we want to dedicate some time, energy and money to assist. Frederiksted is a great community. Of course Ethan feels part of it since he grew up here, but he is finding his place as an adult in the community now. I too have found my own connections in the community, some through him and some on my own. I feel committed to finding ways to get involved and make it better.

Weddings We have attended:
Ethan went to Michigan for Dave and Sara's wedding and on the same weekend, I went to Florida for my sister's wedding. It was sad we couldn't go together and the other definately missed meeting the people that we could have if we were able to attend together. But, oh well. We both had a great time and enjoyed seeing everyone that we did see.

Wedding Planning:
Ethan and I have also spent any extra time we have to plan our wedding. We have set up the location and the lodging and even have our caterer (for most of it). The details are slowly coming together and of course this is truly exciting for both of us. I, having grown up around weddings and catering, have always dreamed of my own wedding and Ethan is the perfect groom. He is very involved with all the decisions and is also very excited about throwing the party. If he thinks some of my bride stuff goes overboard, he tells me so and I appreciate his opinions.

So, now that we have updated you all on our goings on…Ill add some pictures. Please comment!!!! Or shoot us an email to tell us that you are out there reading this. Ciao.

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