Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Our New Home

It's official. We have our own place. Ethan and I left Samoa together in July of 2006 although I don't think we qualify as vagabonds, we finally have settled into our own cozy little apartment. Actually, it's not that little, maybe a bit rundown, but we are doing our best to make it fabulous. Ethan is fixing everything - and I am decorating. We are finally putting together the many boxes that have been stored at multiple parent homes before/during/after Peace Corps and in the course of our travels, then as we slowly figured out where and how we were going to live next.

The great news is we have an extra twin bed and a comfy couch for visitors. Ethan is actually pretending to read a book right now on the couch and dosing very nicely. We are downtown Frederiksted, which poses new issues. I have never lived in a city. And we have some characters, some that aren't so honest, that sometimes pass by or stop for a 'quat' (quarter). But, I know some of the faces from Blue Moon (which is down the street and around the corner). Looking on the positive, if I cared to get my carwashed, I would definately have someone to do it. Actually, this is a serious issue in St. Croix. There are many street people in both of our towns and there is little support for those with mental issues. I worked on the final touches of the website for Ten Thousand Helpers of St. Croix and they support and provide some housing for the homeless and when I can, I will try to support them more.

So, what else.... wedding plans are coming along. We were a bit distracted with the Detroit wedding of Corey and Nikki and then this whole moving thing, so we still don't have a roof on the house...but I am hopeful for Christmas.

I promise to start taking pictures again, but for now all ya get is words.

Catch ya latah. Fa.

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