Sunday, November 25, 2007

Well, if you have made it to this website, you are probably toying with the idea of whether or not you can make it to our wedding. Unfortunately, unlike many cultures of the world, we can't pay your ticket here... BUT, we can give you information about where to stay on our island. First off, when you google search anything, remember this is a 'west end' wedding, meaning Frederiksted not Christiansted. If you scroll down and to the right, there is a google map with some details of St. Croix. You can zoom for more or less detail.

AIR TICKETS to STX: has the best rates. Really. There is one flight a day from Miami(MIA)to STX, but it is more $$ that going through Puerto Rico. If you want the adventure and the budget, you can take a flight to St. Thomas (STT) and take Cape Air from there to here. But, honestly, go to and search by price for tickets to STX. I will let you know on this site now, when there are deals.

We are having the private and more intimate ceremony at Cottages By the Sea and we have held all the rooms there until the end of February. Please call and let them know you are calling for our wedding and they will also give you 15% off and let you add beds for no additional charge. The rooms are A/C, full kitchen, and on the beach. Sandcastles on the Beach is next door, if we fill up. But, I hear they don't like loud guests and there are no kitchens in the rooms.

Mt Victory Camp is a camping area in the rainforest that we can rent out for more budget accomodations (mainly you RPCVs reading this). The rainforest is beautiful and if we rent this, we may have a party one night of the week there...

Also, the Frederiksted Hotel is in town next to Blue Moon (where I work one night a week). And Sandcastles is right next to Cottages, if we book up. There is also a small beach rental for 4 people at that is still available (contact us for it).

As for car rentals, I'll work on that list next...cause all the good ones aren't necessarily online. I listed Olympic Rentals on the side bar. But, honestly, let's do that last since Christmas Season is here which means the prices are higher now.

Hope this helps, please email us with questions.... we can help and we are really glad you are considering coming!!!!

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