Friday, December 28, 2007

Christmas in St. Croix

Christmas in St. Croix is social. It's been one big party. Ethan and my works both closed for two weeks, so we were hoping to really get some time to work on the house, but it seems there are just too many parties to attend. We have done some work and hope to get some more work in next week, but we have also really enjoyed just getting out and being merry! Tomorrow, we have to go to the Village for food. I work tonight at Blue Moon, so Ethan may head there tonight, but I can't wait for some good stew goat or conch water. Mmmm. Here are some pictures of our adventures the last few weeks. My favorite event thus far was the Pig Roast and Haitian Fundraiser at Mount Victory Camp. The pig was the yummiest I have had in a long time. Have you all noticed that Ethan and I are obsessed with tracking down good pig? But, this one, hands down wins.

Blinky on Sax.

Debbie Sun and me - she's leaving for Spain next week, for school.

New favorite pic of Ethan and me and new profile image.

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