Wednesday, December 19, 2007

December in St. Croix

Ah, the holiday season. Soca Christmas. I am trying to find a way to add a song to this site. I may have to link to it instead.

So much happened this month. There was a BBQ at our new home:

And then we had a Hannukah candle lighting and tree decorating dinner at Gayle's place. This was very special to combine holidays. And tinsel, who could not like tinsel?

Ted came to visit. Ted stayed up at Northside Valley and had us over for dinner. He sure can cook a mean steak. He and Gayle primered the house during the days while Ethan and I worked. Many people commented on how nice it looks. I swear the roof really is next now. So, if you help on the house, your reward is that you get a place eternally on our blog in cyberspace. So, Ted, welcome to and here's to your help. I am sorry to say I didn't get a good father/son shot, even at the pig roasting competition.

Yup, you heard right, we took Ted and went to a pig roasting competition. We met Steph and Dave there. The only problem was that it was all in Spanish, so I never got to understand who won so we could book them for the wedding! Oh well, we did eat some great pork roast and we all shared.

Then Gayle was honored for her 38 years of teaching with the Department of Education in St. Croix and we got to watch her receive her plaque. This is us at the dinner at Gertrudes.

Lastly, this is how we come home. Steph has five dogs and although I have taken this photo three times, there is always one dog missing. So, Missy, I promise to get you in the next shot. Mammacita, we are thinking of you too as you recover from your car accident.

If anyone has questions about the wedding, please call, email, chat or send pigeon with note to us. We'll answer any and all questions.

PS - You may wanna consider getting a passport now. Originally, you were going to have to have a passport to get here now, but then they got rid of the rule because they couldn't process all the applications. But, they may re-do that rule before June and you as our guests should be prepared.

And to let you all know ... our home is on the parade route. J'ouvert (pronounced Joovey) will be heading right by us and this is a little taste. Then the parade too...
Jouvert Mawnin' - this is last year and this year will be my first. It starts before dark and goes for miles and miles at dancing pace with big trucks of steelpan band and/or full bands playing everywhere.

A taste of the dancing from last year:

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