Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Accomodations for the Wedding

Hello to all of our dedicated readers...some of you will be logging on for the first time due to an invitation to visit our site...and I wanted to welcome you everyone. For those of you new to the blogging world, you can find a lot of information on this site. If you look through archives, you can find our blogs by date. If you look at our links, there are links to lots of local accomodations, businesses and some of our favorite restaurant friends. Also, you can see our pictures (in slide show format) or by going to www.picasaweb.com/savaiisara and browsing our public albums.

If you would like to leave a comment, you can do so with or without a google login and we like comments! If you would like to ask a question about St. Croix, email Ethan or I and we would be glad to help.

If you are interested in alternate accomodations than Cottages or a house rental, please email me and I will hook you up with a realtor that can help.

Oh, one other thing... when you RSVP, can you please write us a little note and sign your name on the card? Thanks.

We are both really excited to have visitors and to share our island with you!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Wedding Planning

It seems now that the new year has come, the next big planning is Ethan and my big day. I am so happy that so many people are considering coming to visit us on our beautiful island. That being said, accomodations are first and foremost on everyone's minds. There is a google map at the bottom right of this page and if you click for a larger view, there are some pinpoints on it of where the festivities will be happening. Unfortunately, a lot of the vacation rentals are on the other side of the island. Although the island is not very big, I want to discourage people from driving late night. We can always hire a taxi van to get you someplace, but late night, the prices go up. Remember, driving is on the left hand side of the road in regular American driven cars. Traffic rules are a bit more lax here, so you really need to be alert to be driving late night. All rooms are reserved for our wedding guests at Cottages by The Sea. Just to the north, next door to that is Sandcastles, which doesn't have kitchens and require a bit more quiet in their accomodations. We are looking at some condo rentals just south of Cottages and another B&B on the hill above Cottages. We have found a few house rentals, but we are still looking. Please let us know if you find something and we can always look at it for you.


Currently, you do not nor will you need a passport to get here. Last year, they tried to initiate that all travelers to US Virgin Islands had one when they said the same for Canada and Mexico, but they revoked the rule because they couldn't process all the passport requests in time. I encourage everyone to have a valid passport just to be part of the 10% of all Americans that have one, but as it stands you probably won't need one to come here. If they change the rules, well, then you'll need one.


I know everyone is excited about coming to our tropical paradise, but I wanted to remind all guests that there is crime on our island and you should lock your doors and keep your purse close at all times. There are certain areas that you should avoid walking through. If you're a New Yorker, you'll be fine, keep that same guard around you. If you live in place where you don't lock your door and you leave your wallet out, well, you may want to beef up your security measures. Sleeping on the beach is not an option (like it was in Samoa) and you should make sure that valubles are out of view in your vehicle when you park and lock. If you have questions, please talk to us and we can help you with details. I had my bag stolen right of the beach while I was in the ocean and now I feel like I have earned my wings and won't do that again. The beach bars will actually hold your purse behind the counter if you ask.

Well, time for work, please feel free to comment on any of our blogs. I know you are reading (I see the numbers!) but noone ever comments! :(

Monday, January 7, 2008

Three Kings Day is Past... Gone Past the House

Ethan and Senator Nelson (Gayle's former student and the most Positive Senator)

Well, our extended holiday break here on St. Croix ended with a fabulous parade celebration on Saturday and a lot of walking, dancing, drinking. The pictures show the fun... later a great band played at Lost Dog, but I can't spell it for the life of me. Ethan was a bit more ready to go fro round two but I petered out early (did anyone expect anything different?). Ethan headed to Cricket's party with Gayle and I hear there was much dancing to be done there too. Ethan again reconnected with some childhood friends and came home way after I had been dreaming of sugar plum fairies.

Here is slideshow of the photos I took at the parade. It was so nice to be able to go home for a bathroom break or for a reapplication of sunscreen or just a cold beer with no lines. I did leave my camera at the house halfway through the parade because I had this fear of having it swiped from my pocket. And besides, I think I got a good spattering of pictures. The costumes were great, the music was fab, and it was a great time altogether.
Cruzan Parade 2008

Then Sunday morning, we watched the Dophins swim from the pier to Rainbow Beach and cheered them on a bit. Took a nap and then went to Camp Mount Victory for their annual benefit for the Haiti Community Support group. Bruce and Matilde throw a mean party!!!! Once again we had a great time and this time Gayle came with us and also loved their pigroast as much as we did last time. Jamesie played great scratchy band music, they had a fun auction to support the school they are building in Haiti in Matilde's village. It was a good cause and I support their efforts wholeheartedly.

So moving forward: Do you have your passport? If you are planning on coming to our wedding, you should get your passport renewed. It is not mandatory at this point, nor do I expect it to be by June 2008, BUT it is always a good thing to have NOW. Just in case, they change the rules!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

New Years In St Croix.

Firstly, I have posted some pics of the last week here. If you would prefer to link there: click here or watch the slideshow here:

We've been off work for the holidays. Well, I go online in the mornings and make sure that any links between my accounts and the development office are still in progress, which sometimes takes awhile, but Ethan has been off and we thought we would work on the house a bit more....but there is always sooo much to do.

We worked on the septic line at the house, but then did the beach on New Years Eve day at Cane Bay. We worked at Blue Moon and it was really nice with a great band and happy joyous customers and a special menu. We got outta there late and then slept in on New Years Day and then headed to the beach. We did a little work again finishing the septic and then layed out, listened to music, drank some beer, swam on and off all day.

Then we watched the first sunset of the year drop into the ocean. It was sooo amazing with a fabulous green flash and everyone cheered! I took pictures (go figure) and we all took a few deep breathes and remembered that is the beauty of living where we do.

After sunset, Ethan and I went home and got changed and headed to 'The Village' for some food. He had stew goat again and I tried the Boiled Snapper with some fried plantains and fungi.

Then we were just getting home when we heard the commotion of a steel pan orchestra. We got up and headed out into the street to watch a two story trailer being pulled with twenty, maybe thirty children playing steel pans of all sorts. They headed down King Street (we live on Queen) and they were going slow enough for me to go back and get my camera and meet up at the next block. Fun times and then finally, some real sleep.

I worked Jan 2 for half day and then met Ethan and Rob and the Rainbow crew for a b oat trip to Buck Island. I had heard of this fabulous island and beach, but never been, so I was pysched to be able to get out of work in time for the trip. It was so much fun. There were eight babies (well, two were 5 and 7 and the rest were babies) and Ethan grew up with a lot of the parents. Some of our group lives on St Croix and some were just visiting and some grew up here. It was a great mix of people and we really had a great time. Heres the album of that day: other great album

Arriving at Buck Island.

Leaving Buck Island.
This morning at 5AM, the local bar started playing J'ouvert music and I tried to will myself out of bed with no luck. It seems I forgot to drink water between beers yesterday and was feeling a bit, sick, ok hungover. People were walking past our house from The Village as the band had just finished and were heading to walk with Jouvert. I told Ethan to go without me and come back for me in an hour, when the entourage and parade got closer. Well, my head was throbbing and I had a fever, so I stayed in bed. He said there were five semi trucks with huge bands on each and hundreds of people following. He'll have to write more. He is napping now as he did walk and dance for at four hours.

If you'd like to hear what St. Croix music sounds like at this time of year, tune into Isle 95. I haven't been able to find anything like it in Pandora...so this will be the real deal from here.