Thursday, January 3, 2008

New Years In St Croix.

Firstly, I have posted some pics of the last week here. If you would prefer to link there: click here or watch the slideshow here:

We've been off work for the holidays. Well, I go online in the mornings and make sure that any links between my accounts and the development office are still in progress, which sometimes takes awhile, but Ethan has been off and we thought we would work on the house a bit more....but there is always sooo much to do.

We worked on the septic line at the house, but then did the beach on New Years Eve day at Cane Bay. We worked at Blue Moon and it was really nice with a great band and happy joyous customers and a special menu. We got outta there late and then slept in on New Years Day and then headed to the beach. We did a little work again finishing the septic and then layed out, listened to music, drank some beer, swam on and off all day.

Then we watched the first sunset of the year drop into the ocean. It was sooo amazing with a fabulous green flash and everyone cheered! I took pictures (go figure) and we all took a few deep breathes and remembered that is the beauty of living where we do.

After sunset, Ethan and I went home and got changed and headed to 'The Village' for some food. He had stew goat again and I tried the Boiled Snapper with some fried plantains and fungi.

Then we were just getting home when we heard the commotion of a steel pan orchestra. We got up and headed out into the street to watch a two story trailer being pulled with twenty, maybe thirty children playing steel pans of all sorts. They headed down King Street (we live on Queen) and they were going slow enough for me to go back and get my camera and meet up at the next block. Fun times and then finally, some real sleep.

I worked Jan 2 for half day and then met Ethan and Rob and the Rainbow crew for a b oat trip to Buck Island. I had heard of this fabulous island and beach, but never been, so I was pysched to be able to get out of work in time for the trip. It was so much fun. There were eight babies (well, two were 5 and 7 and the rest were babies) and Ethan grew up with a lot of the parents. Some of our group lives on St Croix and some were just visiting and some grew up here. It was a great mix of people and we really had a great time. Heres the album of that day: other great album

Arriving at Buck Island.

Leaving Buck Island.
This morning at 5AM, the local bar started playing J'ouvert music and I tried to will myself out of bed with no luck. It seems I forgot to drink water between beers yesterday and was feeling a bit, sick, ok hungover. People were walking past our house from The Village as the band had just finished and were heading to walk with Jouvert. I told Ethan to go without me and come back for me in an hour, when the entourage and parade got closer. Well, my head was throbbing and I had a fever, so I stayed in bed. He said there were five semi trucks with huge bands on each and hundreds of people following. He'll have to write more. He is napping now as he did walk and dance for at four hours.

If you'd like to hear what St. Croix music sounds like at this time of year, tune into Isle 95. I haven't been able to find anything like it in this will be the real deal from here.

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