Monday, January 7, 2008

Three Kings Day is Past... Gone Past the House

Ethan and Senator Nelson (Gayle's former student and the most Positive Senator)

Well, our extended holiday break here on St. Croix ended with a fabulous parade celebration on Saturday and a lot of walking, dancing, drinking. The pictures show the fun... later a great band played at Lost Dog, but I can't spell it for the life of me. Ethan was a bit more ready to go fro round two but I petered out early (did anyone expect anything different?). Ethan headed to Cricket's party with Gayle and I hear there was much dancing to be done there too. Ethan again reconnected with some childhood friends and came home way after I had been dreaming of sugar plum fairies.

Here is slideshow of the photos I took at the parade. It was so nice to be able to go home for a bathroom break or for a reapplication of sunscreen or just a cold beer with no lines. I did leave my camera at the house halfway through the parade because I had this fear of having it swiped from my pocket. And besides, I think I got a good spattering of pictures. The costumes were great, the music was fab, and it was a great time altogether.
Cruzan Parade 2008

Then Sunday morning, we watched the Dophins swim from the pier to Rainbow Beach and cheered them on a bit. Took a nap and then went to Camp Mount Victory for their annual benefit for the Haiti Community Support group. Bruce and Matilde throw a mean party!!!! Once again we had a great time and this time Gayle came with us and also loved their pigroast as much as we did last time. Jamesie played great scratchy band music, they had a fun auction to support the school they are building in Haiti in Matilde's village. It was a good cause and I support their efforts wholeheartedly.

So moving forward: Do you have your passport? If you are planning on coming to our wedding, you should get your passport renewed. It is not mandatory at this point, nor do I expect it to be by June 2008, BUT it is always a good thing to have NOW. Just in case, they change the rules!

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