Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Wedding Planning

It seems now that the new year has come, the next big planning is Ethan and my big day. I am so happy that so many people are considering coming to visit us on our beautiful island. That being said, accomodations are first and foremost on everyone's minds. There is a google map at the bottom right of this page and if you click for a larger view, there are some pinpoints on it of where the festivities will be happening. Unfortunately, a lot of the vacation rentals are on the other side of the island. Although the island is not very big, I want to discourage people from driving late night. We can always hire a taxi van to get you someplace, but late night, the prices go up. Remember, driving is on the left hand side of the road in regular American driven cars. Traffic rules are a bit more lax here, so you really need to be alert to be driving late night. All rooms are reserved for our wedding guests at Cottages by The Sea. Just to the north, next door to that is Sandcastles, which doesn't have kitchens and require a bit more quiet in their accomodations. We are looking at some condo rentals just south of Cottages and another B&B on the hill above Cottages. We have found a few house rentals, but we are still looking. Please let us know if you find something and we can always look at it for you.


Currently, you do not nor will you need a passport to get here. Last year, they tried to initiate that all travelers to US Virgin Islands had one when they said the same for Canada and Mexico, but they revoked the rule because they couldn't process all the passport requests in time. I encourage everyone to have a valid passport just to be part of the 10% of all Americans that have one, but as it stands you probably won't need one to come here. If they change the rules, well, then you'll need one.


I know everyone is excited about coming to our tropical paradise, but I wanted to remind all guests that there is crime on our island and you should lock your doors and keep your purse close at all times. There are certain areas that you should avoid walking through. If you're a New Yorker, you'll be fine, keep that same guard around you. If you live in place where you don't lock your door and you leave your wallet out, well, you may want to beef up your security measures. Sleeping on the beach is not an option (like it was in Samoa) and you should make sure that valubles are out of view in your vehicle when you park and lock. If you have questions, please talk to us and we can help you with details. I had my bag stolen right of the beach while I was in the ocean and now I feel like I have earned my wings and won't do that again. The beach bars will actually hold your purse behind the counter if you ask.

Well, time for work, please feel free to comment on any of our blogs. I know you are reading (I see the numbers!) but noone ever comments! :(


Unknown said...

OK, I just figured out how to leave comments! Ive been checking flights this past week and every flight keeps going up! So, if anyone is flying from Orlando to the wedding, please pass on any good deals you find... Thanks!

Julya said...

I like the new blog. Since i have nothing but time on my hands lately, it's nice to get caught up on what you 2 have been up to. Chat with you soon.