Sunday, February 24, 2008

The ROOF: And so it begins....

So, Bill, Fernando and Ethan installed the hips and started the rafters. All of these are tied down with Walsh Metal hurricane brackets that are epoxied into the poured concrete walls. Its so exciting the see this roof go up. I can't believe it!!!!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

More Accomodation Information

Cottages by the Sea is where the ceremony will be. They are not booked yet. This is where we would like everyone to stay if possible!!! Please do book here if you are planning to do so soon, as Ruth has been kind enough to hold the rooms until the end of February. The reception will be about 3 miles away at the lot we are building the house one (Prosperity), across the street from Rhythms at Rainbow Beach. We will have taxi vans running so noone will have to drive for the wedding. I've done some research on budget accomodations and haven't had much luck, but if you are interested in a house, this is what I have found:

Island Villas (contact: Marsha) - When you go to this site, please look at the light blue colored rentals as they are west end. There are a few condos and a few houses for rent, all very convenient to both reception and ceremony. Personally, I like the Sunset beach Condos, also referred to as the pink condos... which are walking distance from the reception site.

Northside Valley - these are houses that north of the reception site (listed on the google map, on the left of this page). They are eco lodging and have full kitchens but no cell service.

Sandcastles - These are more hotel than cottages without kitchens are right next door to Cottages by the Sea.

Also, there is the Frederiksted Hotel down town between the ceremony and the reception sites, near the Blue Moon (where I work).

And lastly, there are three story condos to the south of Cottages by the Sea called Harbour Beach Condoominiums. They have a community pool but do not allow children. There are many owners taht are willing to rent these large one bedroom (some can sleep four) condos to you. This owner has shown us hers... there is a picasa web album of the pictures I took here and this is her site. She is in touch with other owners but I also found this when I googled Harbour Beach. Please let me know and I will put you in contact with her, since I don't really think I should post her phone number on the website. If hers is booked, I have the phone numbers of other owners too. Ok, pictures of the Harbour Beach Condos Seadreams and
Harbour Beach Condo for Wedding Week

As many of you have, please feel free to contact me, google chat me at and we can discuss more.


Sunday, February 3, 2008

Life in St. Croix

Although life seems to revolve around wedding planning right this moment, Ethan and I do many other things and its about time we give you a post about that type of stuff. Last weekend our friends, Andrea and Tarn, left island and moved to Thailand. We had a great last little chat just the four of us and really got all excited for them and their upcoming adventures and reminiscing of all of our former travels. In addition, we went to their big going away party up at 'The Farm'. The Farm is really, The Virgin Islands Sustainable Farm Institute and is a pretty cool spot up and totally out of the way in the rainforest. But, the music was good, the weather was a wee bit cold, but it was a nice send off party. Andrea worked at Cottages as the wedding coordinator and I knew she wouldn't be there for our wedding, but now I really miss her as we get closer to the wedding. If you two are reading this, please email to let me know you made it safe through Bangkok, kay? Pura Vida!!!

Then, my mom came to visit!!! This is very exciting as she helped a lot with some of the wedding planning and understands a bit more about where we live and what life is like... I also love that she helped us mow the lawn on Saturday morning at the house. I think its tradition now, if you come to visit, you have to do a little on the house. Mom's visit also included a trip around the island, some beaching, Kurt Schindler at Rainbow Beach, some drinking and of course... her most wanted trip to visit the beer drinking pigs at The Domino Club in the Rainforest. Many a time, I had called mom and told her I had to go because I was going to go out of range when I went into the rainforest. I remember her asking, "what do you do in the Rainforest?" and I responded with a well, we go up to this bar called the Domino Club where they have beers that drink beer, but really its non-alcoholic beer, for the pigs safety. They have food and sometimes they have entertainment and it was a great location for a Return Peace Corps Volunteers party ... when we first got to St. Croix.

Well, thats enough fun stories... now for the pictures.

Ethan at work. Mom and I stopped by to see the show. That's Barbara in the back, on the phone.

Mom! The apartment is messy, don't take a picture!

There's a beer drinking pig!

Us at the bar at Domino Club

This is what driving looks like when you are in a left driver car on the left side of the road.

This was a big boat in the Christiansted Harbour. Mom likes boats.

This is the building that our apartment is in. We live on the bottom side. Steph and Sue live upstairs and the front bottom is vacant/unhabitable.

A street in Frederiksted.

Strand Street on our way to brunch at the Blue Moon.

Ethan and Sara and their moms at the Blue Moon for brunch.

Our home. Mom liked taking pictures of our home and I haven't posted any in the past.

Mr. Iguana across the street from our house.