Sunday, March 16, 2008

Car Rentals on the Island

This is a link to a list of Car Rentals on Island:

St. Croix Car Rental Agencies - courtesy of St. Croix

When Cottagse by the Sea fills up, please check out The Frederiksted Hotel which is right down town Frederiksted. The prices are reasonable and I believe that if you stay a 6 nights, your 7 night is free, but you gotta check on that one. Sandcastles is next door to Cottages by the Sea, but be aware that their rates are much higher and the rooms don't have kitchens.

'Providing shelter' - the roof.

Its the fifth weekend of raising the roof. And the pictures are posted. I thought it would be interesting to all of you (and myself included) to really understand (in laymans terms) what is going on. So as Ethan and I are sitting here enjoying a quiet evening off (this is a rare occurance), I would like to show you what has happened on this amazing roof that is going up before our eyes!

The slideshow link is posted below.

Week 1 - Measured and squared and figured out the layout of the roof. Built ladder and ridge beam.
Week 2 - Installed hips and common rafters.
Week 3 - Installed Most of the rafters
Week 4 - Finished rafters and east side fascia.
Week 5 - Finished fascia and installed bond beam forms.

I use the word 'week' loosely because for those of you that don't know, Ethan also has a fulltime job. He works on the house on weekends with Bill and Fernando and every day after work he works on the house, runs errands and prepares for the weekend.

While Ethan was working on the house, Steph and I took a long weekend trip to Florida. We got to see my mom and grandma and a few, not nearly enough relatives. It was mainly a shopping trip with a wedding focus. So, we had a lot to do and I am sure my relatives will understand because they'll be coming to visit us soon!! And of course, we ate a ton - Thai, Japanese (I can't believe you can get sushi in Target!), lobster (me, not Steph), steak, artichokes and our favorite store was the little Asian market so we could come home with Thai curry pastes and miso soup mixes and Vietnamese spring roll wrappers.

That's us back on St. Croix with our over-allotment of luggage. Mind you, we both went north with empty bags.

This 6 foot alligator was on mom's lawn and she called the Fish and Wildlife.

Click the slide show below to see the full album.

Monday, March 3, 2008


I made a mistake... I was really keen on leaving lotsa of space on the response cards for people to leave little notes, but in the designing of these cards, I forgot to add a place to put your name. When you respond, it would be wonderful to get a message from you and even if you choose not to do that, could you please write in your name. Thus far, I only have one response card that I can't identify... no postmark :( So, if this is you and you are one person who has regretfully declined, could you drop us a note or a line to tell us that it was you? Thanks and much appreciated.

Also, the March 1st on the response card was mostly for reservations at Cottages by the Sea. If you are planning on staying there, could you please go ahead and reserve your room? Great. Thanks again.

Once again, if you have questions, let us know. We can probably answer them. Ill be in Florida for six day in the beginning of March and can't wait to eat some luxaries that just aren't available here or just too expensive if they are. Also, I can't wait to do a little shopping, maybe just a little. I also get to play with the registry gun at Crate and Barrel. I did it once for a friend's wedding registry and I had such a good time, I totally was thinking way back then, "when will I ever get the chance to shoot myself a registry?" My friend Steph is coming with me and she too will get to use the gun a bit. The things you statesiders take for granted, I tell ya!

Virgin Islands Jobs on the Net!

I know most of you are only interested in reading about our wedding and life in St. Croix and listen from afar, but if you are wondering about the job market and what its like down here, there is finally a Virgin Islands based job website to fill that niche.

Career.VI has managed to make the Virgin Islands job market go global on the WWW. I've been asked a few times about jobs in the VI and remember trying to research jobs down here when I was moving and could find nothing. Our local paper has classifieds (but doesn't post them online)and there is an online newspaper with a few classifieds, but to really find a job online, your options are to apply for the few local jobs on (mostly military positions), stop by the Dept of Labor and see the positions posted in paper, or spend relentless time researching individual companies with offices in the Virgin Islands. So how does an employer get qualified candidates for their open positions, locally or from Stateside? Is the only real way to Word-of-mouth even in this day and age of the Internet?

In response came Career.VI and it is really taking off. Although it has only been online for one month, it is getting some big employers to post their jobs and are got the endorsement from quite a few Senators and the Governor to post all government jobs on there. So, if you are in the market for an island job in the Caribbean, go to www.Career.VI . I think this is a great project and can't wait to see it expand to all the island countries! And you all know my personal email, so write me and tell me what you think.