Monday, March 3, 2008

Virgin Islands Jobs on the Net!

I know most of you are only interested in reading about our wedding and life in St. Croix and listen from afar, but if you are wondering about the job market and what its like down here, there is finally a Virgin Islands based job website to fill that niche.

Career.VI has managed to make the Virgin Islands job market go global on the WWW. I've been asked a few times about jobs in the VI and remember trying to research jobs down here when I was moving and could find nothing. Our local paper has classifieds (but doesn't post them online)and there is an online newspaper with a few classifieds, but to really find a job online, your options are to apply for the few local jobs on (mostly military positions), stop by the Dept of Labor and see the positions posted in paper, or spend relentless time researching individual companies with offices in the Virgin Islands. So how does an employer get qualified candidates for their open positions, locally or from Stateside? Is the only real way to Word-of-mouth even in this day and age of the Internet?

In response came Career.VI and it is really taking off. Although it has only been online for one month, it is getting some big employers to post their jobs and are got the endorsement from quite a few Senators and the Governor to post all government jobs on there. So, if you are in the market for an island job in the Caribbean, go to www.Career.VI . I think this is a great project and can't wait to see it expand to all the island countries! And you all know my personal email, so write me and tell me what you think.

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