Monday, March 3, 2008


I made a mistake... I was really keen on leaving lotsa of space on the response cards for people to leave little notes, but in the designing of these cards, I forgot to add a place to put your name. When you respond, it would be wonderful to get a message from you and even if you choose not to do that, could you please write in your name. Thus far, I only have one response card that I can't identify... no postmark :( So, if this is you and you are one person who has regretfully declined, could you drop us a note or a line to tell us that it was you? Thanks and much appreciated.

Also, the March 1st on the response card was mostly for reservations at Cottages by the Sea. If you are planning on staying there, could you please go ahead and reserve your room? Great. Thanks again.

Once again, if you have questions, let us know. We can probably answer them. Ill be in Florida for six day in the beginning of March and can't wait to eat some luxaries that just aren't available here or just too expensive if they are. Also, I can't wait to do a little shopping, maybe just a little. I also get to play with the registry gun at Crate and Barrel. I did it once for a friend's wedding registry and I had such a good time, I totally was thinking way back then, "when will I ever get the chance to shoot myself a registry?" My friend Steph is coming with me and she too will get to use the gun a bit. The things you statesiders take for granted, I tell ya!

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