Monday, April 21, 2008

All Sealed Up.

Since the last blog post, the following things have happened: The last patches of wood were puzzled into place. Then all the wood was screwed and nailed down. Then the caulking and taping was done was done by taping all the seams with cloth tape. A sticky primer was applied and then two coats of sealant were coated on top of that. This recipe is whatcha call a ROOF!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Sunset in Paradise

We were working on the house late in the afternoon last week and were ready to head back mid-island(we were doggie sitting) when this amazing sun peaked out of the clouds before it dropped into the ocean. It lit all of Prosperity (the hill behind the house) with this fabulous orange hue. The color was fabulous and we got to see the green flash for the first time in a while. For all you coming to visit, this is our home and this sunset has got to be a gazillion times better in person, but I thought I would entice you with a few pictures of another beautiful evening in paradise. This sunset never gets old and one can never get enough of waiting for the green flash.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Roof Is On!!!

I have added some photos of the plywood going up. Please view the same photo album and the pictures go from old to new. After this last upload, Im starting a new album.

Roof, Roof!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Could you please forward us your itinerary if you are coming to our wedding? This will help with a number of things....

If you are planning on coming but you haven't yet booked your ticket, could you please email me? Prices are starting to go up. I think the flights are getting less available which means they will continue to rise.

Can't wait to see you!!!!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

More House Photos

This weekend, was a nice break from the constant house work that Ethan and friends have been participating in. So, we poured concrete last week and we have some new faces to add to the ever growing list of people that have assisted on this project. Jose and Jaime. Jamie grew up with Ethan and actually lived in the house next door for a while as a child. The mixer wouldn't stay on (something definately wrong with it) so Fernando said, let's not waste time and let's mix by hand. So, four grown men started mixing cement on the floor of the house. I called the local rental place and asked if they had a mixer (they did), asked the neighbor if I could borrow his Suburban with a trailer hitch, and off I went to get the mixer. Man, were the guys happy to see me come back with a mixer. Best, $45 rental ever! It also moved the process a lot faster. Ethan has taken off almost all the forms and is doing some cleanup today with the jackhammer, but really this is a weekend off. Next week the plywood goes up!!!!

Ok, here's pic of the house. (same album as below, but moroe progress pics added).

Meanwhile, I have been hard at work planning this wedding. After the roof goes up, we are going to spend our attention on getting the lot ready for a wedding, including some ground leveling, planting, and maybe just maybe a fence....

More to come.... also, if you have questions about coming down here, please feel free to email me. I know tradition says, don't bother the bride, but really I like hearing from you!!!