Tuesday, May 27, 2008


This weekend was a fabulous event at Rainbow Beach, our favorite beach. And I wanted to share the pics with you all. Firstly, I worked the beer/rum bar and although I didn't move (except for a quick pee break once) I thoroughly enjoyed this event from my vantage point. But, to get a fuller view of the whole event, I am crediting Marjo Aho for some fabulous photos here: Marjo Aho's Flicker Pics.

The official site for the event is REEFJAM.com.

And this is what our local online newspaper, St. Croix Source, has to say about the event.

And the organization that helped organizae this benefits is International Year of The Reef.

Oh, and it was hosted at Rhythms at Rainbow Beach.

And here's me behind my bar:

What a fabulous event with Jamesie and the Allstars and then Kurt Schindler. Some say there were 500, 700, 800 or 1200 people on our little neighborhood beach. Who knows what the real number is.I danced so hard and had such a great time with the music blaring right at my little satellite bar. I couldn't have asked for a better spot. Ahhhh. I hope this becomes an annual event.

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Unknown said...

I want to go to that place. It reminds me of Coconuts in Cocoa! 16 days and counting!!!! YAY!