Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Finally, the reception photos

It took a while, but I had no idea my cousin Mike was actually taking photos while we all danced the night away. These pictures were great and I tried to include as many people and shots without boring you with his unabridged and uncut version.

I am also compiling the 'best of' version and looking forward to getting some of Quiana's pictures. Ah, everytime we go through pictures, we relive this fabulous event. If you were there, we really are glad you came. If you couldn't make it and are reading this, we are sorry you couldn't make it.

If you are looking to see Quiana's pictures, you can click here. But you will need to sign the guest book and create a password.

And this is the best of compilation.. More to be added to it when you send me your photos!

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