Sunday, March 4, 2012

Roots in STX, still rooted

I got RSS feed from the Barefoot Mom Friday and I teared up a little bit reading her blog. I do recommend it here! But, what I realized after I calmed down and realized that I am about to loose another bestie, is that her blog title had inspired me. As the Barefoot Mom pulls up root, I looked back at my own blog and thought, my roots are still planted. Even though I haven't written since Taj was born over 2 years ago, I am still a blogger, I still have roots in St. Croix and am part of a very exciting and scary time here on St. Croix. We're in it, so why not talk about it. I don't want to try and replace the Barefoot Mom, but I am a mom and I am proud to live on St. Croix, proud to keep my roots in St. Croix and happy to be raising Taj here on St. Croix. I don't know where this blog will take me, but I'm ready to come back and talk agaoin.

Later on, when this blog moves off of the platform and over to wordpress and takes on a little direction, I think I'll look back and this list and laugh. Here are some ideas for the blog direction:

1. Stories from the previous generation about living here in the 60s. I've heard some wild stories and I'd really like to get all those people to a place to post those stories.

2. Stories about living through what could be a small or large transition time on St. Croix. I can't even keep up with the Think Tank facebook page and realize how many thoughts of ideas for the future there are out there.

I ran out of ideas, I guess this post is over. Wow, first post in 2+ years, I think it's going to feel good to hit publish!

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